Technical Evaluation / Analysis

We understand your requirements

  • Review RFQ content
  • Raw part (CAD data check)
  • Finish part (CAD data check)
  • Assembly (yes / no)
  • Material content
  • Requirements / Specification
  • Required testing (leackage….)
  • Quantity
  • Required delivery date
  • Others e.g. heating treatment, surface treatment,….


Mould construction and CAM programming in one hand

  • Fixing of mould design incl. feeder head
  • Simulation (Filling / Solidification)
  • Calculation of ingate system
  • Conception of mold-partingline to be fixed
  • Consideration of volumetric shrinkage of the mold parts
  • Simulation (filling- und solidification) based on WinCast
  • Where required adaption of raw part for refractory dressing
  • Consideration of clamping points for machining
  • Adding of maching allowance
  • Adjustment of wall thicknesses
  • CAD-format: STEP / IGES / Catia V4/V5 / Pro/E / UniGraphics….
  • CAM programming

Quotation Process

Time is Money

A day is often crucial.
Therefore you will receive our offer within 24 hours.

Mould Production

3D printed mould parts and cores - a high degree of flexibility

The production of all mould parts (top box / bottom box / side boxes / cores / sprue / etc.) is done by means of 3D printing.

The advantage of this production method is, besides comparatively low molding costs, the high flexibility with component changes. In contrast to classical model construction, it is not necessary to have to modify existing tools (models, core boxes) in case of technical changes or adjustments of the components.

After updating the 3D data to the new development, the sand molds and cores are reprinted.

Production of raw parts

Production monitoring of melting and casting process

Resistance-fueled furnaces (up to 1000 ° C) and induction-based melting units (up to 2000 °C) enable the production of light alloy components as well as components made of iron and steel alloys.

During the production of the raw parts, both the casting parameters (melt bath temperature, casting speed, etc.) are monitored as well as the environmental conditions batch-documented.

Mechanical machining and assembly

Precision according to drawing requirement

Machining is carried out on the latest 5-axis CNC machining centers. Depending on customer requirements and application, the components can be upgraded to the final assembly e.g. flaps, shafts, etc.).

Quality Assurance

Quality - the foundation for successful cooperation

All components are tested according to customer requirements and the results are documented accordingly:

  • Component identification (serial number)
  • Parts cleaning
  • Leak testing
  • Alloy analysis
  • Microscopic examination of microstructures
  • Endoscopy
  • Radiographic examination
  • Crack detection
  • Measurement of components including measurement report


Express delivery - deliveries with scheduling option - batch deliveries

In principle, the components are packaged and shipped according to customer requirements.

The choice of delivery services (DHL, TNT, UPS, direct shipping by forwarding agency ...), as well as the delivery option (for example, express before 9:00 o'clock, batch deliveries, etc. ) are arranged on order and in consultation with the respective customer.